Oct 21, 2011

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Thank you Steve Jobs, from the bottom of my heart. Without your mastermind what would the brilliant Carrie Bradshaw have wrote her column on. Where my SATC fans at? You know we have seen this scene far too often. Carrie restlessly typing away as she stares out the window at the picturesque New York skyline. How perfect is this? Typical Carrie. I can hear her now, "Later that day I got to thinking..." Then when her beloved motherboard crashed and Aidan came to the rescue. It was a sad day in Carrie Bradshaw Land! The thought of no more of Carrie's ingenius writings being brought to the readers of NYC saddens me to this day. Never fear, Aidan saved the day. Of course Carrie was broker than broke back mountain from buying too many pairs of Manolos so Aidan bought her new MacBook which she hated, returned and went back to her prehistoric MacBook g3 powerbook.¹

Really there was no brief. But the really funny thing was the only direction we got from Steve Jobs is: "don't make it cute". ... We presented two versions of the logo. One with and one without the bite. Just in case he thought the bite was too cute. Fortunately he went with the one that gave it the most personality with the bite. ...²

He bought his first Mac in 1999. In a second-hand shop near Wenceslas Square. He was twenty three years old. He brought it home and placed the various parts on the table. It was called a Power Macintosh 7300. He’d used a similar one at secondary school. He ran his fingers over the surface of the keyboard, touched the mouse incredulously, tried pressing the buttons on the CD-ROM and floppy disk drives. He still couldn’t believe it. He made greasy smudges on the monitor with the tip of his index finger. He was fascinated by the grey plastic casing with its slightly grainy surface. He couldn’t get enough of it. The logo with its colour stripes on the front side of the computer and monitor, directly above the model insignia, was probably the thing he liked most about it. It was just a centimetre in diameter and was shaped like an apple with a bite taken out of it.