Oct 21, 2011

He bought his last Mac three years ago. He came up with more or less convincing reasons to justify the purchase. Firstly, he’d dropped his old computer on the floor, and although nothing had happened to it and it continued to function flawlessly, this incident made him rather nervous. Another reason was the back pain caused by working with a laptop for long periods. Also, he was tired of forever carrying the computer from one place to another. So he decided to heed the advice of his doctor and procure a desktop instead of a laptop. And so he sold his old MacBook and bought an iMac. This time he didn’t go to a shop, instead ordering it on the internet. Having done so he could hardly wait until the following day when the parcel delivery guy would arrive, ring the bell and hand him the box with the computer. Then it actually happened and he took delivery from the postman of a bulky and quite heavy box which he carried upstairs to the third floor. Once he’d set the package with the device down on the floor in the hallway he immediately ran into the kitchen for a knife. Quickly he cut through the adhesive tape on top of the box and opened it. He pulled out the keyboard, mouse and installation CDs. Next he took out the polystyrene protecting the computer from mechanical shock and finally the main object itself. He put it down on the floor in the hallway. He unfastened the paper sleeve so that he could slide it off and as he did so the black panel of the monitor encased in a textured, machined processed aluminium frame began to reveal itself to him. It this seemed to levitate on an aluminium base. Beneath the display, the black silhouette of a bitten apple stared at him. He was looking at it and at the object and saying to himself that he’d never owned anything as lovely before and that he was definitely going to keep this computer without ever wanting another. And so he stood there with his eyes fixed on the object of his desire.

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