Oct 21, 2011

He acquired his third Mac in 2006 when the motherboard on his G4 packed up. He was reluctant to part with the computer, but nothing could be done about it. In the repair shop he learnt that to have it repaired would come to about two thirds of the price of buying a new one. That decided it. Even this next purchase was something new, something he’d not experienced before. For the first time he was in possession of a brand new computer. He no longer felt like going from one second-hand shop to another, or looking for the best offers in the small ads sections. Also, Macs were now a lot cheaper. He decided to get another laptop. And so he bought a MacBook with a thirteen inch display. Finally he could unpack the computer for the first time himself. He brought the box home and for several minutes just looked at it. He turned it round in his hands, examining it from all sides. Finally he took the plunge and with a shaky hand he cut through the sticky tape. He took out the white paper fabric bag and a white object slid out – a monolithic rectangular prism with rounded corners, its top dominated by the outline of a bitten apple, it had a CD-ROM slit on the side and a number of ports for USB, FireWire etc. He gawped at the shape in disbelief and it seemed unreal to him. Several times he tried to open it, but each time the two sides snapped back together again; it took him a little while before he succeeded. His fingers glided over the keyboard several times, then over the touchpad and after that he softly pressed the on button.

“Why, it’s a perfect allegory, sir! Eat the fruits of life, scatter the rinds, and get copped doing it. When they’re still, a monkey’s eyes are the human tragedy incarnate. Look at them! He thinks there’s something beyond, and he’s sad or angry because he can’t get at it. That picture ought to be in the British Museum, sir, with the label: ‘Civilisation, caught out.’”

It's a real unique experience that still makes my day whenever I see it unexpectedly. You're watching a movie or tv and usually when they have a cool character they'll have a laptop with an Apple logo on it, like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. I've done a lot of traveling and early on when the logo still had multicolored stripes on it I was in China and there it was on a billboard somewhere. It was Chinese script that I couldn't read, but something that came out of my head was up there for all to see and to interpret. It's kind of a personal thing. It's kinda like having a kid. You're very proud of it.