Dec 3, 2011

He’s a year and a half old. He’s sitting on the parquet floor wearing a nappy and a short t-shirt, his bare feet are stretched out in front of him and he’s playing with a little box. Several days ago he was given a toy BMW, a little blue car, which he fell in love immediately. He’s trying to put the little toy car back into its box but he’s not having much success. Each time he tries it the lid jams, preventing the car from going in any further. And that’s making him upset. Slowly he begins to realise that he needs to hold the lid open with one hand and slide the car in with the other. After making several attempts he manages to get the BMW inside. Now he just has to learn to close the box. That’s not easy either, but in the end he succeeds. But that’s important! A little while later he decides to open the package once again and take the car out. It doesn’t take long before his hand is extracting the object. The moment the toy car is out of the box, he shrieks with delight as if seeing it for the first time. He is squealing and his eyes are seeking Dad, sitting somewhere opposite.