Dec 3, 2011

i love it!!!!
KING B FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!
I love you B
Loooove ittt, can't wait for "4" to come out, queen B is back! You are unbelievable, keep up the great work! I love you
This song is amazing Beyonce, I loves it
As usual I love everything Beyonce releases!!!!! This will be the best album yet!!!!! Beautiful song that I can really relate to.
I can't wait for Beyonce's album to be released!!!!! I have it marked on my calander
LOVE IT! I don't think I can hate anything B puts out, she's AMAZING!!!!!
XOxoxoxoxo!!!!! luv all ur songsss
Awesome.. I, too, am excited for this album to come out.. Thank you for sharing with us your gift of music as it continues to inspire us all to push and strive to be the best.

Love the new sound. It's always good to see and hear an artist continue to grow and come up with new sounds. As a music lover of all genres, I will say I am really pleased with the 3 tracks I have heard thus far and look forward to new album "4." It is always "right" to continue to make music that goes along with what's out there now. So to hear Beyonce' step out and embrace something new as a fan I appreciate that and hope all of her fans do as well. Thanks Beyonce' for more great music and may GOD continue to bless you and guide you.