Dec 3, 2011

After opening the cardboard box the new owner sees a very similar case to the one housing the HD600 and HD650 headphones. It’s a nice case lined with a fabric that’s pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch. I decided that I would put them back in it after each listening session, so they wouldn’t get dusty or damaged. The soft lining keeps them snug and in fine fettle. As for the construction, design and craftsmanship, it’s well known that people fall into several different camps. Some don’t like them at all, others like them a lot, and a small proportion of people remains unmoved by their appearance. I’m not going to try to conceal that I belong among the admirers. Having checked them out carefully, hands-on, I certainly don’t have any misgivings. The headphones are real whoppers and the large transducers look magnificent.⁵