Aug 27, 2012

Apparently it happened on the way from Lyon to Paris. Back then the two cities were linked by an old Napoleon road; straight, lined on both sides by trees spaced at regular intervals. Kupka was riding on his bike along this seemingly endless avenue and he noticed that the poplars were getting taller and starting to lean in, until eventually they were actually touching each other. What was it that happened back then? The painter’s body was probably influenced by several factors: the form of transport he was using, the regular spacing of the trees, the ability of the brain to receive and evaluate visual perceptions and ordinary human exhaustion caused by moving in a mechanical way for several hours. All of that together made this optical impression possible. In any case this moment, and Kupka’s awareness of it, marks the beginning of the development of the history of abstract painting, even though Kupka probably wouldn’t agree with using this term.

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