Aug 27, 2012

Frank Abagnale’s forgery netted him nearly two million dollars—money swindled from others which he used to support a lavish lifestyle of fancy cars, high culture and world travel. Darius, on the other hand had none of these amenities. He was once charged with attempted grand larceny—the charge relating to a vehicle he signed out and back in again precisely according to procedure. There was no fine wine, fast car, or world travel for Darius McCollum—just gritty days cleaning and prepping busses at far flung depots, or directing traffic and repairing electrical boxes in the gloomy semi-darkness far below the ground.⁵

So what actually happened, then? Train 671.003 set out from Ostrava in order to undergo the necessary tests to be able to operate a routine service. For me the significant thing was that during the day it was supposed to undertake the journey between Nedakonice and Hodonín under full power (I’m talking 25 kV single-phase AC voltage at 50 Hz) three times each way. Static tests were supposed to follow after its first arrival in Hodonín, but my colleague 771.068, who was also on the prowl, reported that he’d waited in vain. So I snapped it for posterity when it was in Hodonín and after that I set off to take a few pictures of its operational tests on line 330 along the already mentioned section Hodonín-Nedakonice. The strategic location I selected for this purpose was the tidy Hodonín-Rohatec section.⁶